A general note on the purpose of this site

This site is here to inform those who are interested in me on either a professional or a personal ground.

Content is available through the links in the menu on the left. Professional information can be foun under 'C.V.' (also available in Dutch). The rest of the site is mostly about more personal affairs. 'Music' offers information and mp3's of bands that I've been in. 'Photos' offers pictures I have taken myself and is mostly there to offer those who are near to me the opportunity to keep track of what I have been up to lately. 'Spots' offers a link to some interesting places on the web that I either use actively or recommend in general to people with interests similar to mine.

While browsing, please keep in mind that this site is always under construction, meaning that some links might not yet work or some content is not yet complete (and probably never will be).


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